Benson, NC’s Classic Antique Power & Tractor Show, 2015

What better way to spend a lovely day in April than enjoying tractors, vintage farm equipment demonstrations, blacksmithing, a parade, and ice cream?  Thanks to the folks from Classic Antique Power, Inc. for their excellent job organizing such a big event.  I went down to Chamber Park in Benson, NC on Saturday, April 11 and met some of the best folks a person could ever come across.  That’s the beautiful thing about antique tractor shows – you will meet the kindest, most knowledgeable folks who are glad to share their experience and skill with anyone willing to listen.  You will get to hear a little history, some good advice, and a few jokes.  The Sandhills Antique Farm Equipment Club was down there demonstrating how to use tractor power to shell corn and thresh wheat.  Curtis Mabe’s Freedom Tractor, dedicated to those North Carolinian soldiers who gave their lives for our freedom, was a popular exhibit as veterans and family members found the names of loved ones printed on the hood. There were antique cars and trucks, including doodlebugs – vehicles made from assorted parts of vintage tractors, cars, lawn mowers, and trucks.  Several antique dealers were explaining the uses of antique farm tools.  There were too many different exhibits to write about in one blog post.  I tried peanutbutter ice cream for the first time.  Dang!  Good stuff.  Ice cream churned by a hit and miss engine is a necessity when attending a tractor show; I’m pretty sure it’s illegal not to eat it.  Here are a few videos and some pictures; hope you have a second to look.  If you can identify anyone or want to give me information on any of the vehicles or equipment, drop me a line so I can add a little more information.  You can double-click on a picture in the gallery to bring it to full size.

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